you just might be enough.

if all we are are the mistakes that we've made, we're doomed.
if there is no escape, no redemption, no help for us at all...we might as well give up now.
if better days are not ahead, I can understand the despair, the defeat, the tragedy that fills our world.

BUT IF. such an powerful, little clause.

but if, we have hope.

if we can believe that greater things are coming.

if we have heard the rumors of better days,
if we have seen the people whisper of sunny tomorrows.

it just might be enough to get us through the barren winter.

it just might be enough to get us one more turn around the sun.

hope just might be enough to save us all.

so spread hope.

tell enticing stories of the happier times ahead.

plant seeds of promise in their ears.
speak life into their hopelessness.
spend your days gossiping about the goodness of life.
reflect the brightness of the Son.

it just might be enough.

you just might be enough.

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