My family is my good thing.

Today (and everyday), I am grateful for my family. They are the coolest around. They are my heartbeat, my most prized possession... my precious. They are my biggest supporters in everything I do, but they also pull me back down to Earth when I fly too close to the sun and my head gets too big (which doesn't take much haha).

My family is hilarious. I never laugh more than when I am with my family. I'm talking that good... so good, you can't breathe, you're rolling on the floor hoping you don't pee yourself kind of laughing. The kind that's a remedy for every ailment under the sun. It might not make everything better, but it sure will make you forget about it for awhile.

I'm not so sure that I would be able to maneuver through this messy thing called life without them and I hope I never have to attempt it. I realize that everyone doesn't have a great family like mine and that makes me sad... My family is my saving grace. I thank God he blessed me with a good thing.

You see, my family knows everything about me. Good. Bad. Ugly. Indifferent. Everything...I can't stress that enough. They know more about me than any other person in this world, guaranteed (Except for maybe my pastor and his wife because they've got the hook up with Jesus). They have seen the intricate (and sometimes, not so intricate) inner workings of my heart. They know what makes it beat and what makes it race. They know my love languages and they know all the things I dislike. They know me. They have seen me on my best days when the sun is shining and the warm breeze is blowing... when goals and dreams have been met, when my smile reaches past my eyes, when I'm on my A game, when I am my funniest, my nicest, my friendliest.

But I can't stop there, because they are also the ones that have seen me at my lowest, my worst, my moodiest, my meanest. They have seen me fall flat on my face, figuratively and literally. They were there when I couldn't get the hang of skipping and when I had that bad mullet haircut (does this sentence even need the word bad in it... a mullet is a bad idea 99% of the time). They were there through every awkward life stage of the past 25+ years... yes, including the one I'm in now. They were there that time I was a jerk and treated most of my friends like crap, and they were still there in the aftermath when I lost those friends because of it. They are the ones that pick me up and help stitch me back together after I have fallen apart. They are the ones that guide me back to the well-beaten path when I go astray. They are the ones that I call to tell my embarrassing TMI stories to, the ones that I would die before I shared with anyone else. They are the ones that I would call if I created a dead body and needed help disposing of it... Well, not my dad, definitely not my dad, because he'd be quick to turn a sister in. Haha. And finally, they are the ones that have permission to speak freely into any area of my life, because I know that they know me.

They know me. They don't just pick and choose parts of me to see. They see it all, without blinders or rose-colored glasses (except my mom, hehe) and they choose to love me anyway. They love me because of me, and sometimes, in spite of me. They love me enough to tell me what I don't want to hear, but what I so desperately need to hear. They correct me when I am wrong. They remind me who I am when I start tripping and lose sight of it. They always have my back. I never enter a room, a job interview, a life decision (sometimes a wardrobe decision), a battle, an adventure in life without their knowledge and their prayers. It is such a comfort to know they are always in my corner.

So this one's for my family, the Hancock bunch and the extendeds too. I love you guys. Thanks for seeing me, knowing me, and loving me. You allow me to be...well, me.

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  1. There is NOTHING like family! I am with you girl, they are such a good, wonderful thing! What a gift from God :)

    1. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for stopping by! :D

  2. Family is what it's all about and were so lucky to have them!! They love us during the highs, lows and everywhere in between. Thank you for linking up with us!

  3. I absolutely love this post! Thanks for being so honest and linking up with us at Let Your Light Shine Thursday! Your post is being featured today! :)

    1. Yay! This is such a lovely surprise! Thank you! :)

  4. There is nothing that compares to family! Just found your blog and love it!



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