Around the table | Volume 1

Some of my friends and I have this thing back home where we delve into life, with all its problems and triumphs, around my sister's kitchen table (or sometimes at a table at the local DQ or Bill Miller). To quote one of them: "This table is no respecter of persons or time." If you sit, you might find yourself in the hot seat. And it might seem like every time you sit at the table the spotlight is on you. Haha. It started very organically, just people needing other people. Around this table, we have shared, we have cried, we have grown, we have loved. Around this table, I have found grace and mercy and understanding. My soul is at ease around this table. I wanted to bring the table to the internet, so to speak... to use this post as a "what'd I'd share if we were sitting around that old, well-loved and sometimes hated table".

Around the table, I might start off and tell you that I cherish your friendship, because making friends is a lot harder to do when you're 25 than when you're 12. Do you remember how easy it was to strike up a conversation about Pokemon cards or pogs? And just like that... because you liked a couple of the same things and liked each other's graphic tees, you were best friends sharing any and everything. It doesn't always work that way when you're older, so thank you for your friendship.

Around the table, I might confide in you that sometimes I'm frustrated with where I'm at in life. Most of the time, I think I should be further along in life than I actually am. I might also tell you that I'm still not sure what I want to do with my life and this new degree. Part of me might be embarrassed by that. But all of me knows that you get it.

Around the table, I might tell you that this past year has been a real struggle to serve the Lord. I'd tell you that yes, I know he is good and yes, I know he is worthy (you'd tell me these things too) ... but I'd tell you that those facts do not change the uncertainty I have felt at times while finding my way. But don't worry, because I'd also tell you that no matter how I may feel I know for certain that God is faithful and I am lost without Him.

Around the table, my emotions might get the best of me as I try to explain the loneliness that is moving away from your family. Phone calls, text messages, and Skype dates are great, but they can't replace time spent with them. Words might not come... It's likely I'd just cry and let you hold me. And that might just be enough to get me through until the next trip home.

Around the table, I might mention the job I found out about yesterday!!!!!!!! I'd tell you that Saturday found me praying tear-filled prayers and sharing my frustrations with my family. I'd tell you that by Monday at noon, God had already answered it. And what do you know... he'd already been working behind the scenes where I couldn't see him. As DaddyEd said, "God is always working, so rejoice always".

Thanks for reading my random thoughts around the table... What would you share if it was just us (and some food) around a table?

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  1. I sure do love that table. It has been a lifeline for sure. (we have introduced a couple of new people to the table cant wait for you to come home and be with us)

    If we were around the table, Id tell you... That I am super proud of you. You had a dream and pursued that dream. Even though that meant quitting a decent full time job to become an unemployed student. or moving hundreds of miles away from your family and friends to a city where you knew no one. You did it!

    Id tell you a secret... that everyone has low times in their walk with God. and that we all (every one of us at this table) have thought about throwing in the towel at one time or another. So you are not alone. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger (cliché I know, but true nonetheless). Don't ever quit in the valley because there is always a mountain near by. Keep moving forward and God will continue to show up and show out for you! You are meant for the balcony so don't you ever settle for the basement, or the ground level for that matter. It may get lonely and hard at times but better days are ahead. ;)

    Id tell you... That selfish I wish (pretty much daily) that you would call me to tell me you are moving home. I miss you tons (some days its border line unbearable). I wish we could hit up thrift stores every weekend, have breakfast dates regularly, make midnight runs to Austin for some Kerby Lane, have movie dates (and by this I mean me watching a movie you picked out while you sleep on the couch next to me), live life together more in real life and less in "cyber life". I know its a completely selfish wish, but we are around the table to no judging.

    Id finish with telling you... that I am so grateful that you are my sister, my best friend, my confidant, my accountability partner, my biggest supporter. (and you have even rocked these positions from hundreds of miles away!)

    Tashy, I love you to the moon and back.

    1. I can't wait to experience a table sess with all the new people! Don't outgrow me :)

      Thank you, thank you, thank you... for being my biggest cheerleader and supporter during these past two years. I couldn't have done it without you in my corner!

      If we were at the table, I'd tell you that I am soooo proud of you. You are rock solid... doing everything and more with just you and those beautiful babies. It'll be worth it and it'll pay off in the end. They will KNOW who was there for them day in and day out. They will love you and honor you for it.

      I'd tell you that there are soooo many days that I do almost convince myself to move back home... seriously, I'd pack up and be back in a heartbeat if I thought that that's where I'm supposed to be right now. But don't forget, I'll be home for licensing hahahaha.

      I'd also tell you that there are days when it rocks my world that I don't get to see my babies every day anymore. I have to just crawl into bed and sleep or creep on Instagram for a glimpse of them haha. I'm so worried that they'll forget about me and not miss me near as much as I miss them.

      And because I'm almost crying, I'd switch gears and tell you that I caught your TWLOHA reference... Good job. One day, I'll work for them yet... and spend my evenings (every one of them) on the beach :) And I'd ask when do I start getting a paycheck for all those positions that I fill...and I'd remind you that I sure ain't cheap ;)

    2. I don't appreciate you making me cry regularly on this here blog. *insert ugly cry face* hahah. Love you!!

    3. You're welcome. Love you too!

  2. I would share how I have been receiving so many blessings that I attribute to being obedient to God's will for me and prayer.

    1. I'd reaffirm that for you... The bible says that it is better to obey than to sacrifice so I completely agree with your statement. Keep being faithful! :)

  3. This is wonderful! One of my mother's favorite things to do with family was sit around the table and talk! Conversations would cover anything and everything! There may be food or just coffee and tea. Some of the very best conversations occur around the table!
    We like to solve the problems of the world also :-)

    1. Shirley, thanks so much for posting your experiences around the table! I find comfort in knowing I'm not alone :)


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