How can it be?

We all know the story by now, but a perfect God standing in as a ransom for my sins will never get old to me. How can it be that when God looks at me he sees His beloved? How can it be that God loves me so relentlessly knowing how much and how often I fail?

They say love is blind, but love certainly doesn't make God blind. We talk about God throwing our sins into this metaphoric sea of forgetfulness, but I don't think it's in God's nature to forget anything. I believe He looks at me and sees everything I've ever done. He is not ignorant of my shortcomings or of my humanity. I'm an open book before Him with no missing pages, no edits or rewrites to make everything picture-perfect. My sins are not perfectly blotted out, though I've been washed in His redeeming blood. They are ever before Him. He doesn't hold them against me, sure... but I believe He still remembers them. 

But the mind boggling part is that He still loves me and delights in me, even though knowing me so intimately! Or perhaps because he knows me so intimately. He created me with all of my quirks and personality traits. He knows what makes me tick and what ticks me off. He created me this way! He gets my competitive streak and my perfectionist tendencies, he understands why I've built walls around my heart, he knows my deepest desire to be a mother, he sees the reasons (flawed they may be) behind why I make all of my decisions. There is nothing hidden from Him. Good or bad. And He still loves me and delights in knowing me.

It's a rare and powerful love that can look through a person's flaws and see a person worthy of love and mercy. 

I'm forever grateful for a God who loves like that.


  1. It can blow your mind when you stop to think about it. No matter how badly or often we've messed up, He always has and always will love us.


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