to know and be known by him

I hope my life speaks to my love of Christ.
I hope goodness and mercy follow after me and flow from me.
I hope the signs mentioned in Mark 16 are present in my life: speaking with new tongues, laying hands on the sick and seeing them be healed, etc.
But more important than all of that, I hope I know God and I hope He knows me.
We can be so close to the church and even identify as a Christian but be far from Him.. So focused on doing work for God that we forget to know God.
Lots of people were near Jesus in the crowd, but the woman with the issue of blood was the only one that touched Him.
If I busy myself with the work of God, but neglect my relationship with him.. I've missed the point. If my biggest concern is making myself known, I've missed the point.
In a world full of people seeking to know and be known by others, may we seek to know and be known by Jesus.

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