About me.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Natasha.

28 with an old(er) soul. Currently living in the DFW Metroplex. Striving to be Christ-like. INFJ. 2nd oldest of 4 girls. Social Worker. Wanderluster. Bookworm. Music lover. Die-hard Thrifter. Aiming to be debt-free and run a marathon by 30.

I quote too many movies, spend too much time in thrift stores, know too much information about celebrities, use far too much sarcasm, bite my nails unless they're polished, and sorta really love John Mayer and Shia LaBeouf (and by sorta, I mean: yes, I'd marry either of them... yesterday).

Hope you enjoy this random blog! Please leave a comment or two, I'd love to get to know you as well!

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